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                                     Mutley Dog Service

" Mutley Dog Services and
Pet Visits have been put in place to help you walk, play or care for your pets when you can't.  It doesn't matter if you need help on a full time, part time, odd days or just one off, if my mum can provide the right service to help you and your pets she will be very happy to do so."

                                              Dog Walking

" Mutley Crue walks are arranged with owners for their dogs requirements, age and ability although we usually work between 30 and 60 minutes, if you are needing longer or shorter walks please talk to Mummy and she'll do her best to keep to the individual dog's needs "

" Mummy will collect your dog(s) from your home and take them for a walk in a controlled manor on a short lead or 8m extendable lead,  If you wish for us to take him/her on a preferred route we will, although if you do not require a set routine, we will take them to dog friendly fields and parks within your area with other furry friends (if sociable) to make their walks more enjoyable and full of different smells " 

" If your dog is unsociable or you would prefer your dog to walk alone, we also offer one to one walks so your dog can relax on their walks without others interfering (if your dog is in need of a halti or muzzle, you must provide it) "


" Mutley Crue playtime is all about off lead (or 8m extendable lead) fun, from playing ball, tug of war, running and doing our best to use up as much energy as possible, Please let mummy know if your dog has a favourite toy, if not we always carry plenty of toys in the Mutley Crue Van for them to choose from.  If your dog(s) does not like to share, my mum will find alternative games for them so they don't miss out on the fun.  Playtime can be 30, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on dogs individual ability, age and needs "

" Mutley Crue are insured to walk/run up to 4 dogs for each trip on or off lead (with written consent from owners), although we usually work in pairs unless there is more to one family.  Shared walks with other dogs outside the family home are only offered if dogs are friendly and compatible with other Mutley Crue members, we like to make sure all dogs are happy on their venture out and not bullied or pushed to play passed their age or abilities "

" if your furry friend cannot cope with walks/playtime ranging between 30 - 60 minutes due to them being too young, mature and achy or having medical problems, please let Mummy know and she will arrange shorter walks or 'Pets Visits' instead if you would prefer. "

" All dogs must be child friendly as I will be out with mummy either walking or in my buggy if my legs are a little tired.  Any owners wanting their dog out on shared walks with other Mutley friends must be dog friendly as well, my mum will make sure careful introductions are arranged before group walks/play continue.”

                                                Home Time

" When we return your dog(s) to your home, we will put fresh water and treats down for him/her.  If required Mum will also put their food down, close curtains and leave a light on for late returns.  We will make sure they have plenty of tummy rubs and fuss so they are happy, settled and relaxed before we leave "

" Your dog(s) will always receive lots of praise and attention throughout the whole time they are in our care and treated like they are one of our own.  Mutley Crue will always carry water and bowls in the van for your dogs to "

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