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                                      Page of Remembrance

" Unfortunately some of the Mutley Crue have sadly passed away due to old age or illness, although we are very upset and miss them all very much, Mummy says they are now in a lovely place having lots of playtime and treats, they are no longer in pain, they are all forever in our thoughts and loved by all who knew them "


                              Rosco Bombardier
                             (22/05/02 - 26/11/08)

Zeus sadly passed away on 26th November 2008 aged 6 years old, I am so pleased we had the chance to rescue this lovely boy, he was a true gentle giant. 


                                       Inisbua Furio
                           (14/09/2009 - 14/10/2014)

Our big boy Hagrid passed away on 14th October 2014 aged 5 years, although he had issues due to the attack he experienced when he was young, he was a fantastic guard dog and adored all members of our family, especially our little boy Cian.


                            (Nov 1999 - May 2012)

Monty passed away in May 2012 age 12 & 1/2 leaving his little brother who was also his best buddy Samson on his own.

                           (Apr 2001 - Oct 2012)


when Monty passed away, Samson was a little lost without his big brother, we managed to take him out and cheer him up, but 6 months later Samson fell poorly and joined Monty in their new adventures in the sky.


Eric was the tough cookie of the group and the oldest, he couldn't walk far due to his old legs and back being full of arthritis, but he was still very happy and loved his treats.  This gorgeous old boy passed at the age of 14 year old. 



                   (Nov 2007 -  Feb 2012)

Arthur sadly passed away at the young age of 4 years old, he was a cheeky, loving boy even when he was poorly.


This lovely little rescue dog had a lovely life with her new owners, they were unsure of her age but happy they could give her all the love she deserved until she passed


Charlie's Dad also rescued this gorgeous boy, he was full of fun and bounce, he was a real daddies boy, unfortunately he only had him a few years before he passed at the age of 6 year.

                         Cassie & Skye

These lovely girls enjoyed their walks and playtime, even when they slowed down in their older age Cassie (11years) still loved a little game of ball and Skye (13 years) enjoyed finding interesting smells.


This little man, was pretty nervous of other dogs, but after a lot of work and patience, Max came out of his shell, he adored his mummy to.


This boy was a true gentleman, he loved his playtime with his Mutley Crue friends, this big bundle of fun sadly left us to join and play with his friends in the sky January 2015 at the fab age of 11 years old.


                              (2007 - 2015)

The gorgeous Ginty was another very gentle and slobbery girl, she was very much loved and and will be missed by all who had the chance to meet her, her best friend Teddy will miss her dearly.  This big bundle of loveliness sadly passed away September 2015 aged 8 years old.


                            (2008 - 2015)

Gorgeous bouncy boy Vegas will be sorely missed by his twin brother and partner in crime Casino, he was full of fun and mischief, he has left us all with lots of find and funny memories and is missed by all. Sweet dreams handsome boy.


                    (2002 - 2016)

Unfortunately we only had the a few months with this gorgeous boy, but every walk was great, he was a fantastic older gentleman and we fell in love with him from the first meet and greet session, we will miss him howling and singing with excitement on our journey to the park.  Rest in Peace lovely boy you are missed by us all.

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