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Im'paw'tant Info

Multey's Meet and Greet

" If you would like to use any of the Mutley Crue Services, my mum will have to meet you and your pet first (I may join her on this visit if daddy is working).  My mum cannot provide any services without having this free meeting with yourself.  We use this visit to make sure our service is the right one for you, to discuss any concerns you may have, talk about your dogs or other pets including their needs and requirements and try to complete all the boring paper work to.  Our aim is to make sure you and your pets are happy and comfortable with us and our service right from the start."

Mutley Crue 'Paper work'

" This is the boring, but im'paw'tant part of our job,  if you tell my mum you would like to continue with our services on our 'Mutley Meet and Greet', my mum will hand you a welcome pack with:

  Registration forms (including: our
   services, prices and Weekly Plan)
*  Walking/playtime or visits agreement,
   (including: your pet,
yours, & emergency
   details etc.),

*  Veterinary Authorisation,
Key Holders Service (If you require this),
  Terms and conditions
  NARP Code of practice (this is who Mum is
   registered and Insured with if you would like
   to have a read). 

We always ask for forms to be complete before we start caring for your Pet, to make sure we are covered for every eventuality and have a good understanding of your pets needs and requirements."

" All of your personal details will be kept in a safe place and will also be completely confidential."

Flea, Wormers & Vaccinations

" If you would like to use our Mutley Crue service, please can you keep all Flea, wormers and yearly vaccinations up to date, if your pet does not have his/her vaccinations or mummy finds fleas on your doggie she will not be able to take him or her out until the issue is sorted "

Collars & Tags

" By law all dogs must wear suitable collars and identity tags when out of the family home.  For the safety of your dogs, all collars, harnesses and muzzles (if needed), must be provided by you, in good condition and fit correctly.  My mum carries leads with her at all times, these are:

*  short rope leads (fit round your dogs neck)
*  Medium rope leads (attach to collar or harness)
*  8m extendable leads (attach to collar or harness)

If you would prefer her to use your lead she will be happy to do so if it is good condition.  Mine and your dog’s safety is always at the top of mums list "

" Mum will only use the 'short rope lead' if your dog escapes his/her collar or their collar/harness break leaving mum with no way to attach her leads."

Behaviour and Fears

" Mutley Crue understand each pet is different and appreciate that they all have different requirements and needs, it is important you tell my mum of all your pets quirky behaviours.  Are they:

  • Over friendly (jumping up, extra fuss etc.)
  • Timid or nervous (run away, hide, in need of a delicate approach)
  • Or just a little over protective (aggressive, keep clear of others)

Some dogs we have cared for have been brilliant at recall and meeting others and with owners written permission have been allowed off lead, we have also cared for a few with a problem called 'selective hearing' so mum decided to use our 8m extendable lead which gives them plenty of freedom but mum still has control.  Timid and nervous dogs usually prefer the medium or shorter lead, they tend to feel safer being closer to mum. 

If you do give my mum consent to let your furry friend off lead, my mum will only do so when she is sure your dog trusts her, responds to her basic commands and it is safe to do so.  Your dogs will not be let off lead at any time without your written consent."

Treats and Toys

" Me and mummy like to see your dog’s enjoying playtime and we also like to give treats to praise while on walks and at home before we leave them.  If your dog has a preference on treats, on a special diet or allergic to certain treats please let my mum know, if you would still like your dogs to have treats, maybe you could leave something out as an alternative. 

My mum always keeps toys in the van for our Mutley Crue to play with if they want to, some dogs prefer sticks, their own toys or favourite ball, some just like running around on their own or with friends.

Does your boy/girl have a favourite toy they would
    prefer to take out with us?

Do they like sharing?

If not mum will play other games that does not include toys or just let them enjoy doing their own thing, we would hate for any dog in our care to get upset in anyway with other dogs who are trying to play with their toy."

Spayed or Neutered?

"  It is very Im'paw'tant to let us know if your boys and girls are spayed or neutered.  If they are still in tacked, my mum will be extra vigilant if the males are interested or following a scent.  If your females are in season, you must let mummy know as we can only take them on 'one to one' walks on lead around your area, or we can change to 'Pet visits' for the 3 weeks, for playtime in your garden.  We do not want to risk any puppy accidents while your girls are in our care. "

Mutley 'Crue'ser

"The Mutley Crue Van has 2 large cages and a free space for Giant Breeds to sit comfortably, these all have water proof beds, the cages are also bolted down so they do not move in transit.  The carrying capacity varies due to the different sizes of the dogs and whether the dogs like sharing their cage with their friends (if there is enough room).  Our Van has fans attached to the cages in the back to help keep a constant movement of air throughout all of the van so all the dogs feel the benefit, it also helps heat the van in the winter.  We do our best to keep all dogs comfortable and safe at all times."

(We also carry water, bowls, towels and a pet first aid kit)

"No one will be left behind in the Mutley 'Crue'ser, if there is a furry friend in the van with your boy/girl that means they will be walking buddies for the time agreed.  (We will only do shared walks if your dog is friendly and after careful introduction).

If your dog is scared of cages or travelling in vehicles, please let my mum know, we will happily walk your dog from your home instead."


" Mutley Crue walk in all-weather as long as it is safe and everyone is happy to do so.  Please provide coats if you feel your dog needs one in the rain or cold weather, if your dog does not like bangs we will happily swap walks for a home visit if there are any thunderstorms. 

My mum will need to know all im'paw'tant information about your furry friend, the different places they like to walk and what you do on your walks and daily dog routines, we will also need to know your dog’s likes and dislikes when we're out and about.

One of the joys of walking out in the wet weather is the towel drying after, most dogs love to play and have a good rub down, but if for any reason your dog is not keen or scared, Please inform my mum, she would hate to upset or scare your boys and girls."

Key Holding Service

" This service has been put in place for people who will be out when we are due to arrive to collect dogs or visit your pets.  Some people prefer to wait for us to arrive or hide their key (which mum will also hide or post through your letter box when she leaves), but If you would prefer for my mum to hold a spare key to your house, for either regular or part time services, a consent form must be signed (this will be in your welcome pack), the keys will not be labelled or left in the Mutley 'Crue'ser at any time. "

" A few customers have found this handy when they have locked themselves out to.  (Athough there may be a small charge for this depending on your location) "

" Terms of the Mutley Crue service will be provided in our Welcome pack on our meet and greet visit, although I think I’ve covered the most im'paw'tant things.  If you do have any questions, feel free to Contact Us and ask mum, she won’t mind."

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