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" Now comes to the horrible part 'Money Talk'  the below prices are an estimate on an average days walk, playtime or visit.  For Dog Walking/Playing all Prices include Collection and Returning your Dog, prices may vary due to distance of travel, dogs' sizes and behaviours"

Dog Walking/Playtime
   1 Dog     2 Dogs 
   3 Dogs  
30 Minutes   £ 6.00   £10.00   £15.00
60 Minutes
   £ 8.00   £12.00   £17.00
Extra Playtime
90 Minutes   £13.00   £17.00   £22.00

Pet Visit         
   1 Pet
   2 Pets   3 Pets
20 minutes   £ 6.00   £ 8.00   £10.00
40 Minutes                   £ 8.00   £10.00   £12.00

               "Prices may vary for pets visits due to individual needs and location. 
                      Discounts are available for more than one home visit per day." 

  Bank Holidays and weekends will be an extra £2.00 to all above
       Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years day will be closed.

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